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May 30, 2011· Black Powder Recipes The Recipe for Black Powder As is generally known to many people, black powder is a ... Then, with the three ingredients, it …

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doc25: There's a LOT more to making BP than just stirring up sulfur, potassium nitrate and charcoal. You have to have the right kinds - especially charcoal - and there is a lot of dampening, pressing into "cake", breaking up the cake, sifting by granule size, coating with graphite, etc., etc., and some of the processing steps are dangerous indeed.

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Black Powder Recipes - The Recipe for Black Powder ... black powder is a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur. ... all English give their cooking recipes in cups and spoons and not by ...

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Sep 21, 2013· Experimenting with making an improvised slow match or coal extender. My thinking is mainly from a short-term survival perspective. if I had no good way …

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Shot & Powder Dipper, brass, adjustable, with rosewood handle, calibrated in drams of black powder, ounces of shot, a copy of a fine original antique This handy measure has a brass telescoping head, and rosewood handle. The head is securely mounted to the handle with a brass pin. Adjustable cup telescopes to lock in place, measure lead, bismuth, and steel shot.

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Charcoal can be bought in stores or made using wood, and you can sometimes get sulfur as a fertilizer for plants, though sulfur is the hardest to find, if you guys on a budget can't find sulfur I recommend making sulfur less black powder.

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From 1337 to 1453 England repeatedly invaded France on the pretext that her kings had a right to the French throne.Though it was a small, poor country, England for most of those "hundred years" won the battles, sacked the towns and castles, and dominated the war.

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**** Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page **** ubub The Recipe for Black Powder As is generally known to many people, black powder is a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur.

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Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page - ubub: The Recipe for Black Powder As is generally known to many people, black powder is a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur. To disappoint all of you who ...

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0.75'' said... Mr Burgess, thanks for the link, but that copy of Mr Ulrich Bretscher site requires debt card details for a allegedly free trial on top of that it dose not specify whether the site copy is complete.

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Making black powder at home is definitely ill advised, as many amputees and burn victims can attest. Once the mixture dries you are left with a layer of finely concreted dust which has to be ground up; too much pressure or a tiny spark is sufficient to ignite an entire batch.

- Ulrich Bretscher's pocket watches Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page The History of Black Powder - an entirely new view an entirely new .. The Roskopf-Watch

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03.03. 13 Homemade Black Powder **** Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page **** ubub Homemade black powder 1. Introduction Dear black powder friend: Certainly you have tried to make your own powder when a boy (why is it always the boys and never the who try it?).

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How is item rarity achieved? Is it your skill in what you're doing that increases the rarity? Does crafting a low-level item with a high skill increase the chances?

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Mar 06, 2012· From Wiki: "Gunpowder, also known since in the late 19th century as black powder, was the first chemical explosive and the only one known until the mid 1800s.

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Standards: 1d: students know the velocity of an object must be described by specifying both the direction and the speed of the object 2e: when the forces on an object are unbalance, the object will change its motion (speed up/ slow down,/change direction.

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Gunpowder, also known as black powder to distinguish it from modern smokeless powder, is the earliest known chemical explosive. It consists of a mixture of sulfur (S), charcoal (C), and potassium nitrate ( saltpeter, KNO 3 ).

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This web page is devoted to black-powder and muzzleloading experiments and topics related to the physics of black powder shooting. A number of people, both past and present, have looked at these, but I couldn't resist some tinkering of my own.

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May 31, 2009· Black powder burns best when it is slightly compressed. Thus, load to nearly the top of the case, then use the seated bullet to compress it. As for straight vs. necked cases, that is only a concern if you seek accuracy of the highest order, for shooting at targets from many hundreds of yards.

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A musket cartridge consisted of a pre-measured amount of black powder and ammunition such as a round ball, Nessler ball or Minié ball all wrapped up in paper. Cartridges would then be placed in a cartridge box, which would typically be worn on the musketeer's belt during a battle.

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Black powder is easy to make, and all of the ingredients can be purchased at drug or hardware stores. Invented by alchemists or (historically) the Chinese many years ago, black powder has seen many uses.

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Oct 13, 2018· The Damascus one is English and it is nitro proofed it has the old 2-1/2 inch chambers but I make my own shells for it and it goes great with black powder I have also put a couple of boxes of falcon cowboy 2.5 inch roll crimped smokeless loads (very mild) and goes well with them aswell - Erfahrungen und Bewertungen

Finden Sie Bewertungen und Erfahrungen zu Phosphorus, Elimination, Sewage, Treatment und Chemical. ... black powder ... Phosphorus Elimination Sewage Treatment Chemical Thermophilic Digester Pumping Costs Saltpeter Charcoal Sulfur Homemade Black Powder Handgonne Handgonnes Recipe History Pocket Sundial Compass ...

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Mar 07, 2013· Sulfur free homemade black powder. it was 100 Parts KNO3 and 24 parts ground charcoal. Sifted after it was dry made a faster powder. Here is a good site on detailed info on black powder.

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Sep 23, 2012· A trailer for the new show Revolution on NBC caused the wife and I to get into an argument about the ability of smallish (20-50 adults) post-apocalyptic communities to produce gun powder for defense.

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Jun 19, 2006· The term "black powder" first appeared about in 1890. Before this it was called "gun powder" or simply "powder". The change of its name became necessary to distinguish it from the recently invented "white powder", as nitro cellulose powder was called before this.

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**** Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page **** ubub The Recipe for Black Powder As is generally known to many people, black powder is a mixture of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur.

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Gunpowder (Part 2) The most influential ingredient for a good black powder is charcoal but the key ingredient is saltpeter. Without saltpeter black powder wouldn't exist.